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Abortion Prices Istanbul

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Abortion is the method of termination of unwanted pregnancy.
Surgical medical centers and hospitals with sterile operating rooms should be preferred for safe curettage.
In terms of psychological effects, abortion should preferably be done under anesthesia.
Abortion can only be performed by a specialist obstetrician (gynecologist).
Abortion cannot be done by midwives – nurses – general practitioners – doctors without specialist diploma and without authorization.
Ultrasound checks before and after abortion must be made in terms of remaining parts in the uterus – ectopic pregnancy and unsuccessful abortion.
It should be kept in mind that abortions performed in safe and non-sterile environments can lead to infection – bleeding – infertility and fatal consequences.
Meals and liquid foods should not be consumed before 4-6 hours for anesthetic abortion.
A safe abortion takes an average of 5 minutes.
The average hospital stay after abortion is 45 minutes.
You can be discharged after an average of 1 hour after the controls.
After a safe abortion procedure, the level of bleeding and pain is not different from the menstrual period.
Vacuum Abortion is the most preferred Safe Abortion method in terms of risks.
For Safe Abortion, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations before and after the procedure – to use your medications and to have your checkups.
The safe and legal abortion limit is 10 weeks. Patient rights must be kept confidential, as required by law. Foreign passport holders can have an abortion.
Everyone over the age of 18, married – single – apart from their spouse, has the right to abortion.
For a safe abortion procedure, choose specialist gynecologists – sterile – reliable and authorized health institutions.
Abortion Prices

I have a foreign passport, can I have an abortion?

Yes, you may abortion in Turkey. Being completely legal abortion in Turkey. Women with foreign passports can have an abortion in our medical center.
In our country, there are some misinformation about abortion illegal in front of people who seek information about abortion on social media channels such as social media. People exposed to this information pollution apply to health institutions with the questions whether abortion is legal or is abortion prohibited. In Turkey, abortion is completely legal and is being implemented successfully by hospitals. Some legal restrictions have been imposed on the application part of abortion alone.


Do parents need approval for abortion?

Nobody’s consent is required for women over the age of 18 to have an abortion. Is abortion outside marriage legal? Among the legal restrictions of abortion, the issue of married / single distinction exists only for father’s approval. There is no such thing as an illegal abortion outside of marriage. A woman of age can legally have an abortion. There is no requirement for marriage.

Abortion – What is Vacuum Abortion?

Abortion; It means the termination of pregnancy by evacuation of the unwanted fetus or fetus in the womb with medical intervention. After abortion, cleaning the debris in the uterus and taking biopsy from the uterine wall in case of irregular menstrual bleeding are also under the curettage head. The abortion procedure performed in excessive or irregular menstrual bleeding is diagnostic on the one hand and has a therapeutic effect on the other.
Because after the procedure, there is an improvement in the menstrual function due to the cleaning of the residues.

What To Do Before Abortion

For the abortion procedure, the patient must remain hungry and thirsty for 4-5 hours before the abortion surgery. The requirement to stay hungry and thirsty for 4-5 hours is not a special case for abortion surgery, but is due to general anesthesia. The general anesthesia we are talking about here is not like a long and heavy anesthesia applied in other surgeries. Sedation is a very mild sleep that we call anesthesia. It is different from general anesthesia in operations, very low doses of medication are given and the patient opens their eyes 5 minutes after the abortion operation and comes to them.

How long is the abortion procedure?

The duration of abortion is not an operation that takes long as it is thought. Except for gynecological examination before abortion (transvaginal ultrasound and tests) and waking times due to anesthesia, the abortion procedure (curettage surgery) takes 5-15 minutes on average.

After Abortion

After the abortion surgery; the patient is rested for 30-60 minutes.
If the procedure is performed under general anesthesia; The recovery time from normal general anesthesia will also apply to curettage.
After abortion; It is normal to see conditions such as nausea, weakness, lack of consciousness, and dizziness due to anesthesia. In addition to these anesthesia-related findings; Mild to moderate pain and bleeding can also be seen in the groin area. These findings will decrease after 1-1.5 hours.
Minor blemishes can be seen up to 1-2 weeks. The obstetrician explains the patient’s attention and the medications he should use.

Is Dressing Needed After Abortion?

No dressing is required after the abortion procedure. It is recommended to be careful only when cleaning the genital area and not to do a vaginal douche for 10 days after abortion.

Sexuel activity After Abortion Relationship , swim or bath condition  ?

It is recommended not to have sexuel activity , bath , swimming in the pool for 14 days after the abortion procedure.

Post-Abortion Control

Post-Abortion Control Since the curettage procedure is performed with ultrasonography, it is recommended that the patient come back for control one week after the procedure, but it is not necessary. Because when we do it with this method, the probability of remaining parts inside or experiencing another problem is minimized. For a routine examination, patients are called for control after 30-40 days. Call your doctor if you experience any discomfort after abortion, if there is excessive bleeding and any other situations you think are different from normal.

Pain After Abortion

It is normal to have pain similar to menstrual pain after abortion. However, if the pain becomes extremely uncomfortable or lasts too long, please consult your doctor.

What is the Time to Discharge After Abortion?

The patient can be discharged after an average of 60 minutes after the abortion procedure. The patient does not need to be hospitalized. When the recovery process after anesthesia is completed and with the approval of the specialist physician, the patient can return to his home.

Post-Abortion Drug

Use After the procedure, antibiotics and pain medications prescribed by your doctor are used. Avoid behaviors such as discontinuing or choosing drugs of your own decision without consulting your doctor.

Where Can I Have an Abortion?

The abortion procedure must be performed by a gynecologist and obstetrician in sterile environments. Hygiene-Sterilization is the most important issue in an abortion clinic. The instruments used must be patient specific and disposable. A detailed examination beforehand, then regular use of medicines and doctor follow-up are required.

For People Who Want to Have an Abortion in Istanbul

The main point that people who want to have an abortion (Istanbul abortion) in Istanbul should pay attention to is to apply to an obstetrician who is experienced in the field and uses equipped equipment. One of the most important points in this regard is Hygiene-Sterilization.
All instruments are for single use only and are specific to the patient. It is very important for our patients to question these details and choose accordingly. It is important that the examination before the abortion operation is careful and detailed. In addition, the patient should definitely tell his doctor about his previous illnesses, medications he used, and his allergies.

Who Are the Doctors Who Performed Abortions ?

Doctors performing abortions must be obstetricians and gynecologists. The abortion procedure must be carried out in accordance with the legal regulations and under sterile conditions. In terms of the general health condition of the person and the health of subsequent pregnancies, they must apply to specialist physicians in the hospitals that perform abortions.
Unfortunately, there are many illegal businesses / persons operating under the name of a clinic center or doctor in illegal and unhealthy conditions.
It is very important for your health to stay away from such illegal abortion centers and abortion places and to consult well-known reputable specialist doctors.

Abortion Prices, Istanbul Abortion Prices 2021

Factors affecting abortion prices, as well as many medical practices, may vary depending on factors such as the experience of the physician performing abortion, the title, the quality and cost of the materials used in the procedures, and the price policy he applies. Abortion fees may vary from city to city. For example, even “Izmir abortion prices” and “Istanbul abortion prices” may differ, and this difference should not constitute a comparison for abortion procedures. Similarly, it is natural that 2019 abortion prices and 2021 abortion prices are different.

Is it possible to have an abortion before the hymen is damaged?

In order to talk about abortion without deterioration of the hymen, first of all, pregnancy should be a matter of concern. Although this situation is not very common, it can be encountered in people with flexible hymen or in sexual intercourse situations where the penis does not touch the membrane, with the movement of sperm from the external genital organ to the inside. During curettage, a device called a speculum is inserted into the vagina. For this reason, the expected situation is the deterioration of the hymen. In people with flexible hymen, abortion is possible without deteriorating the hymen. However, this situation cannot be committed beforehand by the doctor performing the abortion. There is no drawback / obstacle in hymen planting after abortion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

Is Permission Required To Have An Abortion?

No. A single woman over the age of 18 does not need permission to have an abortion. For married women, spouse approval is required.

Can an Unmarried Woman Have an Abortion?

Legal or medical, it is okay for single people to have an abortion.

How Many Times Can You Have an Abortion?

There is no technical limitation in this regard. However, it should not be inferred from this statement that there is no harm in having a large number of abortions. It should be kept in mind that abortion is a surgical intervention performed only for a medical need and is not a birth control method. In addition, there may be an increase in the risk of adhesions and ectopic pregnancy in subsequent pregnancies in repeated multiple abortions performed more than once.

Birth Control Pill Use After Abortion

It is ideal to start on the 2nd or 3rd day of the first menstrual period for the use of birth control pills, provided that you ask your doctor after the abortion.

When Can IUD ( Intra uterin device ) Be Installed After Abortion?

After abortion surgery; It is appropriate to wait for the first menstrual period after the procedure in order to have a IUD . In other words, it corresponds to a period of 20-40 days on average.

Post-Abortion Sexual Activity 

Sexual intercourse should not be made for the first 14 days after the procedure. If the bleeding does not stop within this period, sexual intercourse should not be initiated even after 14 days, and a specialist should be consulted. After the expected time to have sexual intercourse; If your doctor has a recommendation for sexual intercourse, you must follow these instructions.

Protection from Sexual Activity After Abortion

For pregnancy after abortion, your doctor may recommend that you protect yourself for a certain period of time so that the uterus heals and strengthens. Since contraceptive methods such as spiral and contraceptive cannot be used for a certain period of time, it is recommended to be protected with a condom during this period.

When can you take a shower after an abortion?

You can take a shower the same day after the abortion. There is no harm in taking a shower on the same day as long as the warnings about cleaning the genital area mentioned above are observed. While taking a shower after abortion, it is recommended to take a standing shower for the first 10 days and not to take a shower while lying in a water bath.

When can you go to the sea / pool after abortion?

Due to the risk of infection; The first 14 days after the procedure should not be entered into the sea / pool.

Menstrual Irregularity After Abortion

Short-term deterioration in menstrual cycle after abortion is normal. Because the menstrual period before abortion can change. If the patient complains of menstrual irregularity before the abortion, this may continue after the abortion. It will be useful to inform your physician about these issues.

Will Pregnancy Happen After Abortion?

There is no obstacle to conception after abortion because of the abortion procedure. After the procedure, there are cases of getting pregnant even before the first menstruation occurs. However, in order for the uterus to recover and a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to wait for the time recommended by your doctor. There is a misconception that people who had an abortion in their first pregnancy will not be able to conceive again. There is no obstacle to getting pregnant again after the first abortion arising from the abortion procedure. In other words, there is no such thing as infertility after abortion. Of course, it is very important for a healthy pregnancy after abortion that the abortion procedure is performed by the right people and under the right conditions, and the full use of antibiotic drugs after the abortion and the controls are reached on time.

How Long Should I Wait to Get Pregnant Again After an Abortion?

Although it may vary depending on the special condition of the patient, menstruation begins after an average of 20-40 days after abortion. For the issue of getting pregnant again; In order to recover the body, it is recommended to pass 2 menstrual periods in a healthy way, that is, to wait an average of 2.5-3 months after the procedure. In some patients, in cases such as molar pregnancy, protection may be required while having sexual intercourse for a period of up to 12 months. In case the patient decides to become pregnant, it is recommended to start the pregnancy process with a gynecological examination followed by the approval of the physician and with folic acid supplementation.

My period is delayed, I’m not sure about pregnancy, what should I do?

If you have a menstrual delay for 1-2 days, the urine tests you will get from the pharmacy may be sufficient for pregnancy detection. In doubtful cases, the blood test gives more reliable results. If you have a pregnancy suspicion and want to consult, you can get your free pregnancy information from our clinic by sending your urine – blood test result or a picture via WhatsApp on our phone number 0539 618 20 90

Is an ultrasound examination required before the abortion procedure?

Before the abortion with the vacuum method, it should be understood by checking with ultrasound that your pregnancy is not an ectopic pregnancy.

What are abortion privacy rights?

Personal information of our patients contacting for abortion is kept confidential as required by law. The abortion operations that we will perform in our contracted private hospital clinics in Istanbul, personal information in our clinic and all procedures during pregnancy remain within our clinic and are not reported to any person or institution within the framework of the laws.

Will it be known that we have an abortion?

No it will not be known. One of the general concerns of our patients who applied to our clinic for termination of pregnancy is whether it is certain that they have an abortion or not. With the developing technology, the abortion procedure is performed painlessly with the vacuum method, not by surgical methods. Termination of pregnancy performed by vacuum method does not leave a trace that can indicate that the patient has an abortion.

Is there any pain during the abortion procedure?

Our patients do not feel any pain in our vacuum curettage procedures performed under anesthesia.

I have a foreign passport.Can I have an abortion?

Yes you can. Your passport information is sufficient for abortion

Choice for vacuum method abortion?

If you have started to get information about Abortion hospital and prices from Istanbul and other provinces, it is important for your health after abortion to examine the experience, doctors and reliability of the clinic.

How much is bleeding after the abortion procedure?

It is normal to have less bleeding than menstrual bleeding in the first 7-10 days after the abortion with vacuum method.

Is it risky to have a 2nd or 3rd abortion after abortion – will the uterus, ovaries and tubes be damaged?

No, it will not be damaged. After abortion, the uterus and tubes are not affected in any way, if they are done by experienced physicians. Vacuum curettage carries no risk in terms of re-pregnancy as long as it is performed in sterile and reliable clinics.

Is the vacuum method abortion reliable?

Yes, it is the most reliable method. With the developing technology, the vacuum method is the most reliable abortion method because it does not pose a risk to our patients in the process of getting pregnant again.

What should be considered after abortion?

One of the important points that the patient should pay attention to after the abortion phase and abortion is that you do not miss your appointments with your doctor and follow what your doctor says. You need to come to the controls for 1 week after the abortion. Obstetricians in our clinic will guide you and ensure you have a healthy abortion.

How many are the abortion prices in private hospitals – medical centers ?

If abortion is to be performed in private hospitals, many factors from the location of the hospital to the experience of the doctors affect the price. Abortion prices in private hospitals in Istanbul range between 500 -1000 USD – EURO . However, it should be avoided to blindly comment that the place with high price is quality. Both price and quality should be examined at the same time, the most suitable area should be selected. Istanbul abortion prices are a condition that is on the initiative of the hospital.

What is abortion medicine? What is miscarriage medication?

Please contact Whatsapp to get abortion medicine.

When do I have a period after the abortion procedure?

With the vacuum method, you will have menstruation within 40 days after the abortion.

Can you get pregnant after an abortion?

Yes, you can stay. Vacuum method Abortion operation is the most reliable abortion method that you can get pregnant again. The patient will continue to have a healthy womb and fertility. For this, abortion performed by professional experts in a sterile environment has an important place.

How many days after the abortion is sexuel activity started?

You can have sexuel activity after the bleeding ends. As a general approach, we do not recommend intercourse for at least 1 week to our patients.

Are abortions available in a public hospital and what are their prices?

Abortion can be done in state hospitals. However, the situation is different here. First of all, abortion prices in Istanbul can vary between 100  and 700 . However, you are not entitled to have an abortion here at any time. If an abortion is to be made in a public hospital, it is necessary to make an appointment first because of the congestion. According to the law, you cannot have an abortion at any time in the state hospital. In order to have an abortion, the baby must pose a threat to your health. Otherwise, you are not allowed to have an abortion upon request in public hospitals.

If I come from outside of Istanbul, can I have vacuum method abortion on the same day?

Yes, on the same day, our patients coming from outside of Istanbul are discharged with the necessary controls by performing vacuum curettage.

How can I get information and appointment to come from outside of Istanbul?

In order for your abortion process to be safe and healthy, you can get information from our doctors on 0539 431 90 40 and via whatsapp.

Istanbul abortion prices 2021 current

Although Istanbul abortion prices are generally between 500 – 1000 USD- Euro , the underlying factors, the choice of the hospital, the use of materials and drugs, the week and month of the patient’s pregnancy cause the price change.

When Is The Best Week For Abortion?

Even if the legal evacuation time is less than 10 weeks, the ideal time is 5-7 weeks of gestation; that is, 1 week-3 weeks after the menstrual delay. The opinion and diagnosis of the abortion doctor is also important.

What is Vacuum Abortion? – Vacuum Aspiration Curettage

In vacuum curettage, the uterus is evacuated by placing plastic cannulas of various thickness, called carmine or carmine cannula, into the uterus and then aspiration with reverse pressure. Karmen cannulas have various forms specialized for different pregnancy sizes and shapes. The cannulas used are sterile and disposable. This method is also called vacuum method curettage or vacuum aspiration. It is one of the most commonly used methods in abortion.

How is Vacuum Curettage Done?

For vacuum curettage, firstly, a full gynecological examination is performed, transvaginal ultrasonography is performed, and the patient’s history is listened. Then the type of anesthesia to be applied is decided. Vacuum curettage is not performed without anesthesia. The patient lies on the gynecological table in the Lithotomy position (both legs spread to the side and slightly upwards). If there is no special condition that prevents general anesthesia, general anesthesia type called sedation is generally preferred. Sedation is the process of putting the patient to sleep with intravenous drugs. The difference of sedation from narcosis, which is the other type of general anesthesia, is that the stun gas given to the patient by respiration is not given to the patient. The sedated patient does not feel pain during the procedure. As an alternative to anesthetized abortion, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. In local anesthesia, the patient may feel a pain similar to menstrual pain. If local anesthesia is to be performed, an examination instrument called a speculum is inserted into the vagina. After the speculum is placed, local anesthesia is injected into certain areas in the cervix. In vacuum curettage, after anesthesia, the part inside the vagina, called the uterus, is cleaned with special solutions. The purpose of this process is to minimize the risk of infection. In order to reach the uterus later; The cervix is ​​attached with a tool called the tungsten. For vacuum curettage, proceed to the part of placing karman cannulas. First, the smallest karman cannula with a diameter of 4 mm is placed in the uterus and moved in the uterus to disrupt the gestational sac. A plastic injector is attached to the outer end of the Karman cannula to create reverse pressure. Instead of injectors for this negative pressure process called vacuum aspiration, it has been used in electrical special devices in recent years. A part of the pregnancy material is filled into the injector through the 4mm cannula. Then, the process is repeated with larger cannulae and the entire pregnancy material is evacuated. Pathology is also sent from the patients. Karman cannulae are disposable plastic devices. In some cases (especially in late pregnancy), after the aspiration process with the carmine cannula, the curettage (curettage) procedure may also be required for the evacuation of all pregnancy material.

What to Do by Your Gneacologist Before Abortion

Before the abortion procedure, the physician performing the abortion must perform a complete gynecological examination and transvaginal ultrasonography. The structure of the uterus is examined, and anomalies that may cause an obstacle or difficulty to abortion are determined. If there are abnormal conditions such as cysts and fibroids, they are determined and general evaluation is made. In addition to these examinations and evaluations, it is also important to detect the patient’s determination correctly and to determine the general psychological state in terms of his health. If instability (imbalance) or any other noticeable situation is observed in the psychological state of the patient, the obstetrician must request a consultation from a psychiatrist and hold the procedure. Patients who will have an optional legal abortion are asked to think for the last time and if they have a clear final decision. Those who have a clear decision are respected, explain all the details about the procedure and are taken to the abortion procedure in that way.
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Our current article includes the purpose of informing about pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage, pregnancy curettage prices, pregnancy curettage information, pregnancy curettage duration, pregnancy curettage types, pregnancy curettage locations.
The current blog includes the purpose of informing about pregnancy curettage, pregnancy curettage prices, pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage locations, pregnancy curettage information, pregnancy curettage duration, pregnancy curettage varieties.
The current article contains the purpose of informing about pregnancy curettage, pregnancy curettage prices, pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage information, pregnancy curettage locations, pregnancy curettage duration, pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage varieties.
Our current article includes the purpose of informing about pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage, pregnancy curettage prices, pregnancy curettage locations, pregnancy curettage information, pregnancy curettage duration, pregnancy curettage varieties.
The current site includes the purpose of informing about pregnancy curettage prices, pregnancy curettage information, pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage locations, pregnancy curettage duration, pregnancy curettage risks, pregnancy curettage varieties.
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